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1100 micrograms of pure LSD


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Lysergic acid diethylamide is its generic name (LSD VIAL)
Street or common names: LSD is offered under more than 80 street names, such as “purple dragon,” “acid,” “blotter,” “trips,” “mellow yellow,” “window pane,” “doses,” “dots,” “trips,” “acid,” and “acid.” Some of these names are based on the patterns found on blotter paper sheets.

“The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test,” news articles about violent killings,
The federal government ruled that the medications had a high potential for misuse and no legitimate medicinal use.
The head of the Narcotic Drug Study Commission in New Jersey spoke to LSD as
“the worst danger the nation is currently facing.
a threat greater than the Vietnam War.

But during the past ten years, some scientists have started to question that finding.
They discovered that hallucinogens can benefit sick people rather than being harmful:
They assisted alcoholics in drinking less, and they helped dying people pass away more peacefully.

There’s still a great deal researchers don’t know.

However, preliminary research indicates that psychedelics may improve our ability to be compassionate, calm, and effective at work when used by those without a history of mental health issues or a high risk of developing them.
They can foster greater creativity in our problem-solving and increase our openness and generosity.
Some studies even contend that a single dose has the power to permanently alter our personalities.

The use of psychedelic drugs in America, such as LSD, magic mushrooms, and peyote, has a troubled past.
Researchers started looking into the possibility of using psychedelics to treat addiction and mental illnesses in the 1950s.
The federal government supported 116 studies on the topic between 1953 and 1973, having an impact on thousands of people.

Thousands of Americans began using these narcotics recreationally at the same period.
By 1970, as many as 2 million people had used acid.
Press accounts of “bad trips” and psychotic breaks surfaced.
In one well reported incidence, a 5-year-old mistakenly ingested her uncle’s medication, which alarmed everyone.
In the meantime, heroin-dependent soldiers were returning from Vietnam;
The nation had the impression that it was at war with illicit drug consumption.
President Richard Nixon had branded narcotics as “public enemy number one” by 1968.
Congress outlawed the use of psychedelics altogether in 1970, making study practically impossible.
LSD can be purchased online from the United States, Canada, and Toronto. A reliable supply of LSD is located in New York.



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