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mexican mushrooms magic


Mexican shroom | Magic Mushrooms


The Mexican Mazapatec magic mushroom growing kit is intended to take the user on a spiritual journey.

The Mexican magic mushrooms, which are very well-liked by psychonauts, include the Mazatapec Cubensis magic mushroom. They are very well suited for having spiritual experiences and becoming fully immersed in the amazing world of mushrooms. Last but not least, Mexican locals have long recognized the advantages of magic mushrooms.

Psilocybe cubensis, a kind of hallucinogenic mushrooms whose primary active components are psilocybin and psilocin, is the mysterious Mazatapec strain. The term “magic mushroom” refers to psilocybin cubensis. Psilocybin mushrooms are psychoactive magic mushrooms with psilocybin, psilocin, and other active compounds that cause hallucinations. New users frequently feel lost in this magnificent universe since they come in so many different shapes and forms.

How do magical mushrooms function?

You will embark on a very arduous spiritual journey if you’re interested in magic mushrooms’ spiritual aspect. Some claim that Mazapatec Magic Mushrooms are considerably gentler on the body than other strains like Red Boy, Orissa, or India, hardly reducing body temperature and causing less tooth grinding. This enables you to concentrate more on spiritual outcomes. With just a few grams of fresh mushrooms and starting 15 minutes after consumption, you will feel more joy, fun, exhilaration, and experience visual hallucinations.

How should I utilize the Mazapatec grow kit for magic mushrooms?

You should start cultivating as soon as you receive the Grow Kit. If you wait to start growing, you can keep the grow kit in the fridge for a maximum of two weeks at a temperature of two to four degrees Celsius. The equipment should be placed in a plastic bag and sealed tightly. However, it is usually preferable to begin using the grow kit right away.

The grow kit includes a big grow bag with a microfilter to avoid contamination as well as a grow box with colonized substrate, containing mycelium. To create enough humidity, you’ll also need a spray bottle and clean water. In order to prevent contamination from other fungi and bacteria, the environment must also be clean.

We suggest the following things in terms of safety and cleanliness:

Useless gloves
facial mask
Hand and surface disinfectant
a heating pad and a thermometer

How should the workplace be set up?

To avoid the grow kit getting contaminated by germs, which might happen if there is a draft, make sure all windows are closed. Remove the grow box with the granules/cake from the container and set it down on a clean surface. Microorganisms can stick to the growbox if the surface is dirty, contaminating the contents. Verify the cleanliness of your arms and hands. When handling the kit, we advise using gloves or a reliable disinfectant. To keep your breath from touching the grow bag, put on a mouth guard.

How are the plants grown?

Fresh, still mineral water should be added to the bag until there are around 2-3 cm of water at the bottom. In the bag, put the Magic Mushroom Mexican Mazapatec Grow Kit, unopened. Prior to placing the granules in the plastic bag, do not open the lid of the plastic box housing them. Rinse the lid, then keep it in a ziplock bag for future use in additional flushes. Use a water sprayer to lightly mist the granules in the exposed box with still mineral water. Next, fold the grow bag’s open end twice so that the micron filter is not hidden. To keep the bag closed tightly, fasten two paper clips to the fold.

the ideal temperature is

The temperature shouldn’t fall below 18 °C or increase above 29 °C, and at most it should be between 23 and 25 °C (24 °C is ideal). Use a heating mat to keep the temperature from falling below 18 °C.

The grow set needs sufficient light for the mycelium to reach the surface. A few hours of sunlight per day or artificial light is sufficient. Direct sunlight must be avoided, as it kills the mycelium.
Water and humidification:

The grains need to be re-moistened using the spray bottle by day one of using the Grow Kit. To achieve this, carefully sprinkle the granules after opening the grow bag. Every day, this process needs to be done again. Fresh oxygen is also added to the bag during spraying, which is crucial for the growth of mushrooms.

The first magic mushrooms:
Under good conditions, the first small shrooms (the pins) will show up within five to 16 days.

Flushes, which can be little or huge, are how magic mushrooms grow. You can obtain more than one flush from a kit because the mushrooms nearly never mature at the same time. The biggest mushrooms will come from the first two flushes, while others will be a little bit smaller.


They are ready for harvesting when the Mexican Mazatapec Cubensis’s veil between the head and style starts to tear. Use gloves or clean hands exclusively to harvest the mushrooms. Just the mature specimens should be harvested, allowing the others to develop. By carefully gripping the mushrooms between your thumb and forefinger, you can take them out of the cake/granules. To accomplish this, turn your hand counterclockwise until the mushroom breaks apart. Avoid pulling out mushrooms if at all possible to prevent the destruction of the mycelium and subsequent breeding.

Side growing shrooms:

The only place where mushrooms can thrive is where the light can reach. The shrooms also grow there because the sides of the Cake also receive light. This is difficult to avoid but not as tragic. As a result, some growers darken the sides, but this usually fails.

The next flush:

Once every shroom has been taken, you can get the grow set ready for the upcoming flush. Working with clean hands or gloves is necessary for this. Fresh, still mineral water, around 1 cm worth, should be placed into the box before the lid is secured. Place the closed box containing the cake in a clean plastic bag, then place the entire package in the refrigerator for no more than two hours to soak. The water will soak the granules in this manner, preparing them for the subsequent flush. You can obtain up to three additional flushes this way, and if you practice a lot, much more.

The end of the growkit:

After three weeks and one flush, if no additional mushrooms sprout from the grow kit, or if it starts to look dirty, it is no longer useful and should be thrown away. The grow kit may be compromised by bacteria or another substance if its color changes.


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