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Lions Breath Carts



Lions Breath Carts for Sale

Get carts made of Lion’s Breath online. With a THC content of up to 94.55%, these cartridges are sure to please even the most seasoned smoker. Purchase Lions Breath Carts online; they accommodate most batteries and have a standard 5–10 thread. When you buy THC cartridges online from us, you’ll receive 10% off. Products undergo laboratory testing to verify their safety for ingestion.

Who brought Lion’s Breath carts in?

We are aware that the cartridges did not enter the room on their own.

We can presumably identify the group behind Lion’s Breath as being in California because both Encore and Infinite Chemical are based in Southern California. The zip code 90036 corresponds to central Los Angeles.

In addition, you may remember from our previous post that we looked for an Instagram account that was already closed by the time we located it. We have now learned of this new account and have located two others.


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