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The magic truffles from Mister Maka’s Makanaut will give you more energy right now. They are known to give consumers modest exhilaration and bursts of energy that are perfect for while they are working. You will get some sort of visual sense where color stands out more and noises are more distinct and distinct. Although some users claim to have laugh kicks, no hallucinations happen. You will experience self-confidence and a depth of satisfaction. It is ideal for usage on the weekends in the evening with friends. For the Makanaut Magic Truffles, visit our Hollands High Webshop.


Full of Energy

For those who have some prior experience with magic mushrooms and truffles, Makanaut Magic Truffles are ideal. Before tasting these, novice users are encouraged to develop their tolerance with other, more mild magic truffles. They are psilocybes that contain hallucinogenic psilocybin. They are premium truffles that were produced in unique circumstances to produce the best product possible. Almost all users have at some point tried this potent psilocybe as it has come to be. Before consuming, be sure to follow the instructions.

Effects of Makanaut Magic Truffles

For those who have some prior experience utilizing mushrooms and truffles, Makanaut Magic Truffles are medium to strong mushroom truffles. They will start to have effects after around 45 minutes, beginning with euphoria. You could start to perceive colors more clearly and giggle or laugh out loud occasionally. Makanaut Magic Truffles will not cause hallucinations, making her ideal for someone who needs to return to work.

Different people will have unique experiences with Makanaut Magic Truffles. There are other factors, including your metabolism, that might affect the trip and its effects. Those with faster metabolic rates will experience the effects more quickly, while those who have never had mushroom truffles will experience powerful results. Your journey will gradually get worse over the course of four to six hours, and it could take up to 45 minutes to take effect.

How to Use Makanaut Magic Truffles

Magic Makanaut Truffles function best when the user is either completely hungry or has been without food for three hours. Before taking the full dose, users are advised to start with a half dose to assess their tolerance. Take a good chew and swallow the truffles. To counter the bitter, earthy flavor, drink water or unsweetened tea and stay away from other medications.

The dosage of Muskoka magic truffles is;

Beginners should start with little more than 10g and will benefit from all the moderate effects of the mushroom truffle.
Experienced Users: Use 20g and above to unlock new trip levels if you have sufficient experience with the hallucinogenic mushroom truffles.

Storage and Caution

All unused packages of Makanaut magic truffles should be kept in the refrigerator because they are perishable. You have a few days to finish them all once you’ve opened them because refrigeration won’t keep them fresh. It should be kept out of children’s and animals’ reach in a cold, dry location. Purchase one from our Hollands High online store.

4 reviews for MakaNaut

  1. user533

    Ancient, God given, spiritual experience.

  2. Izabela Bykowska

    It will be firs team when we taste it, but we are suppose something amasing

  3. willson37

    Best iv had so fa

  4. Anonymous

    Truly trippy man !!!!!

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