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Malabar Coast


Psilocybe cubensis malabar, often known as Malabar Coast magic mushrooms, are native to the Malabar coast of India. These mushrooms are well recognized for producing a lot of fruit and for growing in hotter environments. These magic mushrooms were discovered to be growing in elephant excrement in the wild. We use organic grains to grow our version.

Malabar Coast Magic Mushroom’s potency should be higher than typical. Magic mushrooms have been a part of Indian culture since 1500 BC. One of the four holy books in the Hindu and Zoroastrian religions, the Rigveda, makes mention of a substance called Soma. We have consumed Soma and become eternal, the Gods have discovered, according to one citation.

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Magic of Malabar Indian mushrooms may have been the sacred substance known as Soma, or “food of the Gods,” to which the ancient spiritual scripture Vedas alludes.

In comparison to ordinary cubensis, the fruits are significantly larger, and they also have above-average potency.

These mushrooms are quite distinctive, therefore you should try them at least once!

Many people report that Malabar gives them vivid color vision and a feeling of unadulterated bliss.

You’ll experience a feeling of spiritual illumination at larger doses. Due to the tremendous potency of Malabar mushrooms, that might be simpler to accomplish.


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