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Psilocybe Pandora

(7 customer reviews)


One of the species we know about most recently is the Psilocybe Pandora. A higher quality truffle is produced due to the modified raising method, which gives the truffle more opportunity to flourish. This powerful truffle will provide you with a wonderful experience. It is practical and will give you a great engagement and a satisfying chomp. Incredible visuals, philosophical musings, and a strong body high are all guaranteed with the Psilocybe Pandora!


Despite being a little milder than Hollandia and Utopia, The Psilocybe Pandora will eventually provide a great deal of folks with a terrific outing. The Psilocybe Pandora has it all—visuals, inventiveness, unusual thinking, and the ability to hone one’s faculties.

The Impacts of the Magic Pandora:

The Psilocybe Pandora has some of the most realistic effects available. The sights on a stumble on Psilocybe Pandora appear like she simply opened her container for a happier reality this time. Bowing forms and gliding lights are unreal facts that your eyes perceive, which may inspire creative ideas and introspection or result in an insane fit of uncontrollable laughter. The Psilocybe Pandora receives a consensus score of 4 out of 5.

Quality, measurements, and use:

Despite being a little milder than our Psilocybe Hollandia and Perfect World, the Psilocybe pandora is a very potent magic truffle. For many people, a full package of Psilocybe pandora crisp magic truffles is one stage too much, since 3 to 5 grams will already set off a calm journey. Using the Magic Truffles to draw hot water, you can create tea in around 20 minutes. They can can just be consumed. If you like tea sets, make sure the water doesn’t bubble because doing so will quickly taint the psilocybin. Following 30 minutes, the main effects will start and last for up to 3 to 6 hours.

7 reviews for Psilocybe Pandora

  1. ricko

    I take back my 1 star and edit my comment. Was losing hope already until the package arrived! Package is discreet and it just looks like a normal love letter. Very smart packaging! Will be ordering again!

  2. nick

    Good stuff but a bit pricey. Multibuy discount would be nice.

  3. Koray Jonas Okcu

    nice product

  4. Anonymous

    thanks for my order

  5. jane

    Great product. Packed really well and an easy guide to follow.

  6. Anonymous

    product came in good shape
    packaging was excellent

  7. jason12

    Love this !

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