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Psilocybe Double Vision


Truffles called “double vision” are a special combination of the Valhalla and Utopia species. These parent species are most likely the strongest truffle products in the entire globe, and their combination produces a highly potent high. As a result, they are not strongly suggested for beginners. Consider consuming these magic truffles if you want an intensely weird journey and consider yourself an experienced psychonaut.


Would you be interested in experiencing some truffle tripping? Try the well-liked double vision magic truffles. If possible, go on to learn everything you need to know about psilocybe double vision truffles. These double-vision truffles are easy to eat since they have a great flavor and an enticing aroma. They contain the active ingredient psilocybin, which when taken becomes psilocin. The hallucinogenic compound psilocin is to blame, and the more of it you eat, the more intense the effects.

What Are The Effects of the Psilocybe Double Vision

Double vision truffles take a little while to enter the bloodstream after consumption, usually no longer than an hour. Their tripping effects, however, last for four to six hours. They mostly influence your sharpened vision, lead to bizarre thoughts, and induce extreme relaxation. They begin to have an effect by laughing. Even for the seemingly basic things you encounter, it becomes difficult for you to restrain your smile. In the first 45 minutes following the consumption of the truffles, this uncontrollable grinning and laughing occurs.

You experience more closed-eye vision throughout the course of the next hour to hour and a half. Hallucinations, in which you perceive patterns emerging on the walls or elsewhere, come next. It seems as though you are experiencing light, music, and color for the first time because they become so powerful. In extreme situations, faces can begin to disappear. An vivid visual trip that cannot be controlled is the overall effect.

How to consume Magic Truffles?

Depending on what you think appropriate for you, double vision truffles can be used in a variety of ways. The truffles can be consumed, used in tea and soups, custard, and other dishes. The strength of the trip is determined by how much you eat, how much you weigh, and what kind of food you eat that day. If you’ve never used truffles before, start with a tiny dose—ideally between 5 and 10 grams—to see how your body responds. But if you’ve used truffles before, you can take more for a more potent sensation. You should eat your truffles on an empty stomach. In addition, make sure you are in a setting that makes you feel safe and secure t is also advisable to be in the company of a sober friend who will help bring you back to reality during trip.

Storage your Magic Truffles Double Vission

Store your psilocybe double vission truffles in a cool, dry place. You may store them in a fridge at temperatures between 2 to 40C, where they can stay for at least a month. Ensure that you check the expiry date in the packaging to see how long they can last.

Shop online for magic truffles

From our smartshop, you can purchase magic truffles at a reasonable price online. Make sure you arrange for delivery of your package to the desired place.


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