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Red Light Holland’s iMicrodose is a product designed to make it possible for fans of magic mushrooms to use the hallucinogenic substance to increase their productivity. Psilocybe, which weighs 15 grams and can be consumed over time in modest doses, is included in the kit. The pack can be closed again to keep the magic mushrooms fresh. It all comes down to acquiring the correct dosage to enable you to function more effectively without being overburdened.


iMicrodose: Boost your Productivity

Magic mushroom microdosing is nothing new. Psilocybe has been used by people in a variety of professions to increase their creativity, mental acuity, problem-solving abilities, and ability to block out distractions while working. Red Light Holland created the iMicrodose kit in an effort to help magic mushroom users adopt the culture.

How does it function?

When utilizing the iMicrodose kit, there is a protocol that must be adhered to exactly.

Begin with a low dosage of 1 gram every day.
Increase the dosage until the desired result is achieved.
keep up the dosages and give yourself a few days off without taking any.
You will need to give up some of your rituals, such as drinking tea and coffee, in order to achieve the desired outcomes. By spreading out the dosages, you may both enjoy the side effects and give your body time to adapt its tolerance.

Keep in mind that dosages vary based on age, physical characteristics, and psychological aspects.


The truffles can stay fresh longer thanks to the resealable storage imicrodose Kit. The user is able to provide their perfect microdose with it.

You have the option to employ magic truffles for both leisure and productivity with the Red Lights Holland’s iMicrodose. Order from our Hollandshigh Magic Truffles Shop right away.


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