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Mexicana truffles

(5 customer reviews)


Want to experience the immersive world of a shroom trip but are new to using mushrooms? View this new horizon by going to Hollands High Webshop. Psilocybe Mexicana, also referred to as Flesh of the Gods, ensures a typical euphoric experience as well as general happiness and pleasure. It offers a thorough exploration of the brain’s operations, resulting in inner clarity.


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Euphoric trip

Mexico is where magic truffles are from. The legendary psychedelic pioneer R Gordon Wasson first came upon them in the Oaxaca region in 1958. Albert Hofmann, the inventor of LSD, developed sclerotia. They are important for understanding the life cycle and reproduction of organisms, as a food source, and as a form of medicine (for instance, fungi).

Hofmann expanded them via his studies, making them appropriate for beginners. The Mexicana Magic Truffes is the lightest available in our collection of truffles to stimulate your interest in achieving the mildest effect.

What Are The Effects of Mexicana Magic Truffles

Despite being the lightest of our truffles, beginners should only eat a little amount. A trip sitter is additionally advised. in that case. because some novice users find it difficult to handle the magnitude of the fresh information a psychedelic experience brings Additionally, make sure you are mentally prepared to leave on your first vacation. In the event that the journey is unpleasant, it will protect your mental state. Your mood will improve, and you’ll start to love yourself more.

It is important to note that each individual experiences the effects differently due to varying rates of metabolism and levels of tolerance to mushrooms. The best results are obtained when taken two hours after your previous meal. The effects begin to take effect after 30 minutes of consumption and last up to 6 hours.
Mexicana Magic Truffles: Uses and Care

Always begin with a small serving. Truffles with magical properties can be consumed or used to make tea (steep for 20 minutes without letting the water bubble). After 15 to 30 minutes, the initial effects are now becoming apparent. Take for the greatest outcomes two hours after eating.

The Dosages for Mexicana Magic Truffles are;

  • Beginners- start with a dose of five grams if you are starting magic truffles. It will deliver mild effects and not overwhelm you.
  • Experiences Users- If you are looking to venture into new levels of magic mushroom truffles, start with 10 grams or more.

Storage and Caution Of Mexicana Magic Truffles

Keep youngsters away from Mexicana Magic Truffles, a minor hallucinogenic drug. It works well with water but shouldn’t be consumed with alcohol. After consuming something, don’t drive. Use it alone, away from other stimulants, and in a comfortable setting. Also keep in mind that they continue to work for a while after you open the packet. Get yours right away from our Hollands High online store.

5 reviews for Mexicana truffles

  1. Christian

    I love this High Chef because is best mushroom on earth! A cool experience.

  2. anonymous

    Brilliant service, thank you for throwing in a grinder that was kind.

  3. george154

    I began cautiously by splitting a pack of Mexicana with my companion. He had been worried and overworked, so the delightful relaxation we experienced together was plenty for him. I’m a writer who is currently working on a somewhat weird comedy. The majority of the material is already as brilliant and trippy as it needs to be, but I need a clear direction to finish it. As I wanted to test the intensity carefully, I ultimately took the High Chief 15g by myself in two batches, one hour apart. a natural setting

  4. user885

    Wow, just wow! These little things are powerful!!! Second time ordering. I’d say it’s suitable for this pack to be shared for a great experience but if you really want to take off munch the whole packet yourself!

  5. user59141

    Shared these with a friend, so I can’t comment really on a full dose! But half a pack of these will put you in a really nice floaty place. Great for when you’re enjoying a smoke in a more social situation (I usually enjoy a chill by the river when higher dosing 🙂 ). I can imagine a full pack is gonna put you in a good place.

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