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Extreme Vision

(8 customer reviews)


Are you looking for a truffle that would give you an intense trip? Well, Extreme vision is what you seek. They come laden in very intoxicating and inviting scents to attract you. Buy Extreme Vission magic Truffles from HollandsHigh online!


Magic Truffles Extreme Vision- A Double Trouble Puncher

Additionally, delectable flavors are presented to your taste senses to make it easier for you to consume the truffles. Because of their high potency, experienced users who require something stronger are encouraged to utilize them, while rookie users are advised to avoid them.

Utopia and Valhalla, two esteemed truffles, are combined to create the exceptional truffle known as Extreme Unique. A extremely intense trip is produced by combining the two parents’ powerful genetics. They include psilocin, which, as its name implies, causes severe hallucinations.

Effects of Extreme Vision Magic Truffles

These truffles will provide the user with a vivid visual display and enjoyment, as the name would imply. Additionally, they are fast acting, so you will begin feeling her effects in less than an hour. The consequences are not only immediate but also enduring. Be ready because the tripping will last for roughly 4 to 6 hours. You will experience a number of effects, with improved sights being the most noticeable. Additionally, you’ll have some bizarre thoughts while also feeling really cozy.

The effects typically begin with a strong propensity to smile at the most trivial of occasions. A laugh-out-loud moment that can last up to 45 minutes follows the smile frequently. You will see more closed-eye images over the course of the next hour or hour and a half. Then you are almost instantly thrown into a realm of hallucinations. On the walls and in the area around you, patterns will start to form. Light, music, and color will all be more clearly and strongly experienced by you. It can seem like you’re meeting them for the first time.

High doses provide more potent effects, with some users reporting feeling as though their faces were melting away. Be prepared for a chaotic visual display in general.

Usage and Dosage of Extreme Vision

Extreme vision can be consumed in a variety of ways, depending on what suits you the most. The truffles can be consumed raw, chewed, brewed with tea or soup, or added to a meal. The results will be heavily influenced by a number of variables, such as how much you consume, your age, body weight, and the meal you ate that day.

Beginners are advised to start with doses that are no more than 5 grams to determine their tolerance levels. You can go right into the skill and art of using and consuming truffles if you are an expert user. For best results, eat truffles on an empty stomach.

8 reviews for Extreme Vision

  1. Izabela Bykowska

    amazing product you got in stock

  2. Charlotte

    Haven’t done them yet but 5 for anticipation…
    they radiate some fine energy!

  3. Anonymous

    Absolutely amazing experience, completely changes your perception of everything would highly recommend!

  4. rosey134

    got really amazing result from this product

  5. Jennifer M.

    Noch nicht probiert.sieht aber gut aus

  6. Tom Raine

    truffle had an outstanding taste, i am definitely coming for more after this one is finish

  7. Anonymous

    Very strong and made for a really nice evening with mates

  8. Chuck


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